Word sheets

Our library

We are compiling a Climate Choir Melbourne library in Google Docs. Each song has a folder, with word sheets and music charts. Most of our favourites are already in the new library.

  • Find individual songs in our library via the index page, with links to each song folder, here

Word sheets for events

From this page, you can download word-sheets from past events. These are compilations of songs chosen for particular events, sorted by date. They are designed as hand-outs for the crowd, including (for recent events) a phone-friendly version promoted on the day through a QR code link.

Words for No Gas events, July 2021

Phone-friendly version
Printer-friendly booklet version

Words for Stop Adani events, June 2021

Phone-friendly version
A4 booklet version (e.g. for computer, or printing)
Folder with both versions

Words for School Strike for Climate, Friday 21 May 2021

PDFs for phone or printing:

Takayna Artivism, June 2020
Download the songs and links presented at the Takanya Artivism festival:

Contents: Spring Rebellion booklet

Booklet of songs for the Spring Rebellion 2019
Four pages of climate-related songs (see picture of index). Fold vertically to make an 8-page booklet.
* Check for music notes in in our Library  here.
* Some new songs also have audio links here.

Booklet of songs for GHD
4 pages of songs to sing to engineering firm GHD, and persuade them not to work with Adani. Print double-sided and fold vertically to make an 8-page booklet.
* Some songs have music notes in our Library here
Click below to download.

Favourite outdoor songsheet
Two pages of favourite climate songs, including Adani theme.
* Check for music notes in our Library here

This is an emergency by Blythe Pepino.
* Music notes 3 parts are on our music resources page

Christmas Carols for 2019
Download our Climate Choir 4-page word-sheet, selected by Musical Director Jeannie Marsh; and a two-page booklet thanks to XR Moreland.
* Check for music notes on our music resources page or in our Library here