Lots of links

This page has links to websites, Dropbox folders, and Facebook groups and downloads, with environmental and climate-themed songs, chants, and carols from around the world. 

Carbon canaries
“Songs for you to sing out for climate action”. Jenny Fitzgibbon has put amusing and pointed words, to several dozen well-known tunes. This Queensland-based page has provided lots of our favourite songs. Words and audio.

Jane Coker’s songs and chants for climate protests
Local choir leader Jane Coker’s page of songs and chants, with a link to audio resources to learn the tunes. Jane says: “Feel free to use mine at any time as long as your protest is non-violent. Sing out strong!”

Or download our selection of favourite Jane Coker climate song words:

SOS from the Kids
A UK group. Their site has their song ‘SOS from the kids’, with vocal parts plus various instruments, all there to learn. Plus two other songs.

XR songs site
Extinction Rebellion’s music page, with crowd songs, chants, and XR choir resources. Includes some resources listed here already, but plenty of new ones (including Stephen Taberner’s Warm is Not Cool).

Extinction Rebellion song folder
This Dropbox folder was set up by Helen from Devon, UK. There are songs, chants and carols. It’s a treasure trove!

Extinction Rebellion (UK) Facebook page
Lots of discussion and song-sharing on music for climate action, when you have a moment.

Crisis Carols
This is a Facebook group which shares witty Christmas Carol re-writes. You can view the group, or join it if you want to post in it. Looks like an Australia-based group.

Songs of Hope and Comfort: Extinction Rebellion Chants, Songs and Drums
This 14-minute YouTube video by Count Everything is worth viewing when you want to put your feet up and be entertained. He just records musical stuff at UK climate rallies, and then replays snippets while rating the items from 1 to 10. (As he says, he doesn’t have the lyrics so if you can’t hear the words he suggests you try Google.)